Day Trips From Sousse:  Monastir

As you plan your Tunisia adventure, consider taking day trips from Sousse during part of your tour. There’s a wealth of sites to explore in the region. Plus, Sousse has a relaxing pace and plenty of accommodation and restaurant options, so it’s a great place to come back to after your days of exploration.

Whether you’re hoping to learn about history, explore nature, or engage local culture, here are 7 fantastic day trips from Sousse.
The El Jem Colosseum is an amazing site to tour. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the best preserved coliseums of the Roman world. And the history behind its construction in 238 AD tells an important tale of Africa’s role in the Roman Empire.

To appreciate the colosseum’s exterior, grab a fresh orange juice from one of the cafes near the entrance and goggle at the beautiful façade. Then head inside and climb to the third story to imagine the scene of 35,000 spectators cheering to the games. Wander down to the eerie lower levels beneath the arena floor to view the rooms where live animals and prisoners were kept. Then head back up to the oval floor to view the arena from the gladiator’s vantage point.

After your colosseum visit, check out the El Jem Archaeological Museum that houses an impressive collection of Roman mosaics.

Day Trips From Sousse: Kairouan
Home to the oldest mosque on the African continent and a charming walled city, Kairouan is a trove of historic sites and traditional culture. The various sites are included in Kairouan’s designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Kairouan was the capital of the Aghlabid dynasty in the 9th century. If you love history, the sites will occupy you for a good part of a day.

The moon rises over Kairouan’s Great Mosque

The people of Kairouan are proud of their traditions and culture. The city is known for its tradition ofWeaver working at a loom in Kairouan carpet-weaving, especially Persian-style rugs. You can learn about traditional weaving methods in any of the larger rug shops. These offer a mind-boggling array of rugs and designs. The shops are also your best bet for purchasing a Persian-style rug in Tunisia as they’re made locally and offer the most selection.